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Who are the winners and losers from the NFL Draft?

Who won the NFL Draft?

Thanks to their trade with the Carolina Panthers last year, the Chicago Bears had the first and ninth picks of this year's draft - and they made the very most of them.

The Bears famously passed on Patrick Mahomes in 2017, when their current general manager Ryan Poles was with the Kansas City Chiefs - so there was no way he was missing out on making Caleb Williams the first pick this year.

A generational talent on the field with superstar persona off it, without stepping on the field Williams has already given Chicago fans more hope than they've had in years.

Can you call someone on a guaranteed $100m deal a loser? Probably not, but in terms of job security and settling at a new team then Kirk Cousins did not come out of the draft well.

Cousins was only given notice of the Falcons picking Penix Jr at the last minute - so would he have even signed for them had he known their thinking?

He left Minnesota for Atlanta to make a play-off run and be the top dog, now he'll be looking over his shoulder every time he throws an interception.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was not as keen on his usual big hugs with newly drafted players this year - due to undergoing recent back surgery., external