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Ten Powerful and Beautiful Women on Coins

Janina Żółtowska

The first woman on this list, depicted on the Polish 2, 5, and 10 Zlote coins between 1932 and 1934, is the 20th-century author Janina Żółtowska.


Marianne, who is often depicted with a bare breast to symbolize her feminine beauty, can most commonly be seen on the gold francs of the early 20th century.

African American Lady Liberty

Also, as the U.S. Mint states, she was to embody the nation’s continuing quest for freedom and equality.

Queen Philistis

Due to the extraordinary engraving skills of the Syracusan moneyers, the Queen’s beauty resonates down to the present day.

Native Woman CFA

While it is unusual for Western nations to depict native individuals on coinage, African Countries have no such hang-ups. 

Queen Sirikit

She was appointed temporary regent in 1956 when her husband retreated briefly to a Buddhist monastery.


hen the Western portion of the Roman Empire fell and gave rise to the Gothic kingdoms, Italia quickly fell out of use.