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6 Best Low-Carb Snacks, According to Dietitians

Apples and cheese

 "At only 1 gram of carbs per cheese stick, they are a convenient and portable low-carb snack, plus they provide 8 grams of protein. I recommend adding a small piece of fruit, like an apple or pear, to give you a bit of an energy boost and added nutrients."

Yogurt and cucumbers or berries

"Here is a more savory pairing of using about a cup of low-fat Greek yogurt for a refreshing creamy dip along with a cup of cucumber slices. This will provide around 10-12 grams of carbs along with an appetite-satisfying protein from the yogurt."

Cottage cheese with berries

"This will be a hunger-squelching desert-like snack with about 17 grams of carbs that provides both protein and gut-friendly fiber."

Celery and peanut butter

 "The protein and healthy monounsaturated fat from the peanut butter along with celery is a perfect combo for a delicious and satisfying snack."


Mash ¼ cup of a ripe avocado and spread on one crisp bread piece for a crunchy and creamy snack with about 15 grams of carbs. The combo of plenty of fiber and heart-healthy fat is ideal."


"Edamame is rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins, and has about 14 grams of carbs per cup, shelled, making it the perfectly balanced snack,"


I love popcorn as a low-carb and whole grain snack because you get a nice amount of volume, which is perfect for people who like to munch."