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6-Day Mediterranean Diet Dinner Plan

Day 1: Roasted Salmon Caprese

Roasted Salmon Caprese: This simple salmon recipe combines quick and easy cooking with the fresh flavor of caprese, or tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. And in this case, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar adds an extra kick of delicious flavor.

Day 2: Polenta Bowls with Roasted Vegetables & Fried Eggs

This easy dinner comes together in just 30 minutes and is so delicious you might find yourself making it for brunch or lunch, too. Feel free to swap (or add) in other veggies, such as broccoli, to customize your bowls according to what's in season or what you have on hand.

Day 3: 20-Minute Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet

20-Minute Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet: Chicken cutlets cook quickly and are highlighted with a creamy sauce made with tomatoes, zucchini and Italian seasoning. 

Day 4: White Bean & Sun-Dried Tomato Gnocchi

White Bean & Sun-Dried Tomato Gnocchi: Whoever said you can't enjoy pasta while eating healthy was very wrong. In this hearty yet healthy pasta dish, sun-dried tomatoes are the star of this recipe—providing texture and deep flavor. 

Day 5: One-Pot Garlicky Shrimp & Spinach

One-Pot Garlicky Shrimp & Spinach: Shrimp, spinach and garlic brown and cook quickly for a simple one-pot weeknight dinner. This satisfying dinner delivers lean protein and important nutrients from all that spinach, like vitamins K and A

Day 6: Hearty Minestrone

Hearty Minestrone: This hearty veggie packed soup has it all—plant based protein from beans, plenty of colorful veggies and a flavorful, herby broth that wraps you up in a hug. This soup is so delicious that you might want to double the recipe, so you have plenty of leftovers for lunch.