Floral Pattern

10 Unusual World and U.S. Coins and Patterns

Encased Postage Stamps

Copper tokens, struck to look like a U.S. cent to greater or lesser extents, were frequently employed.

Fiber Coins from the Japanese Occupation of China

Unable to spare even aluminum for coinage, the occupying Japanese turned to a so-called fiber material for their 1 and 5 Fen coins.

The First Plastic Circulating Coins (Transnistria)

This coinage was transported by armed truck convoy through Ukraine.

Japanese Bar Money

These small, rectangular gold and silver coins would be used across the country over the next 250 years until the nation’s currency was reformed in the 1860s.

Yemeni Pentagonal Coins

Ahmad was at his core anti-British, and as such sought economic and military support from both the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China.

1 Trillion Mark Notgeld

The one trillion mark coin is the product of the hyperinflation of the interwar Weimar Republic.

Seleucid Serrated (“Bottle Cap”) Coins

Known colloquially as “bottle cap” coins today, these coins have notched or toothed edges and have proved to be a historical enigma.